HEY! today was the last day of school and im so excited! ________________________________ Okay, so heres what i wore last saturday to my cousins house you like? I wore an old beige mini skirt, beige singlets (mums), blue cardigan (Target) and a vintage brown belt. yep, soz for the considerably small blog as i am quite tired. tata xx


japanese Food

Howdy. Tongiht im going to have a quick post as I am going out for my mums birthday to a Japanese resturant. 'Tabinyaki' or somthing like that. I decided to wear some of my mums old clothes tonight as i had 'nothing to wear' as they say. I wore my dearly beloved highwaisted skirt (mine) my mums old cardigan and my black singlet. I also found an original necklace. It is a bird cage with a tiny bird in it (my Grandma's). Photos will be posted tomorrow. My mum had a fashion dilema dun dun dun! well, since today was her birthday she went to Carindale to buy something as my dad gave her money for her birthday. She went out and bought some 'uh, interesting pants. They are loose trousers and have a kind of skirt attached. photos will also be posted tomorrow so if anyone actually reads this blog they can comment on what they think of them. Please, my mum wants advice. Tata xx


Nobody reads my blog..... yet

Hello there. I just thought I'd say that I probably won't be blogging for the week as i am swamped with assignments and tests and unimportant stuff like that. hehe. Even though nobody reads this blog I thought I'd let you know just incase a miracle happens and I actually get one view. Well, since I don't have much time, im going to leave you with a few pictures that I rather enjoyed. They are from Project Runway Australia, the Final. Though it finished yonks ago, the designs are well, pretty awesome. Enjoy xx Petrova - Finalist Lee- Finalist Juli- Winner!


Double Take

I thought, ' well since I dont want to do my english assignment and I have nothing else to do, I will do an extra blog today as it is my first blog, therefor special'. This is a wishlist made on ployvore.com
I think it's rather swell, if you ask me *cough*


Heyy im Chelsea. Im well, kinda OCD with fashion. OCD? google it. anyway... it's almost the holidays so be ready for some seroius blogging stuff (Y) Floral shirt, highwaisted skirt, brown belt
I really like this outfit because it seems rather country, if I may, but bringing a modern edge to it.
I practically live in my highwaisted skirt, when im not in my gag worthy school uniform.
I would recomend investing in a good one as they are comfy and well, completely awesome.
The reason my uniform is classified as 'gag worthy' is because it has a light blue blouse and a stripped yellow-brown-completely-different-blue-shade-to-the-blouse colour. I find it quite dull
Exhibit a)

like i said, very very poorly designed.

Well that concludes my first blog